Thank you for the interest one of our pups from Byrds Basset Hounds. All of our Basset puppies are AKC registered with European & American bloodlines. All of our pups will come with the option of full registration or limited registration.

If you decide to purchase a basset hound puppy from Byrds Basset hound we will accept deposits via Paypal, Venmo, check, money order, or cash . All deposits are non-refundable and final. full payment will only be accepted by check, money order or cash. The pup will not leave our premises until payment is made in full.

We prefer for our pups to be picked up but we will ship our pups by plane or with a reputable pet courier service. Our pups will fly out of Charlotte Douglass International airport out of Charlotte, NC. Or the pup will be picked up from our home then delivered directly to you by a pet courier service. The cost of transport will vary depending on where the pup’s destination is located.

Our pups stay with us until the age of 8 weeks and will have all shots & worming up to date that are required and will have a clean bill of health before leaving. We guarantee our puppies to be healthy and free of illness for a period of ten (10) days from the date of transfer to Buyer. We also guarantee puppies to be free from life-threatening congenital disorders up until puppy reaches 1 year of age.

Any medical condition must be proven and documented by two licensed veterinarians. Buyer agrees to take their puppy to a licensed veterinarian for examination within one week of the transfer date. The guarantee is null and void if the Buyer does not follow agreement for the vet exam. Buyer must notify breeder (Byrds Basset Hounds) within 48 hours of unsatisfactory findings on puppy’s veterinarian health exam.

Byrds Hounds will not accept any responsibility for reactions to vaccines/medications, flea and tick preparations, or disorders caused by environmental factors, allergies, thyroid, autoimmune diseases, or parasitic issues that arise after the new owner takes possession.

In the unlikely event of a serious genetic/hereditary issue during the first year of ownership by Buyer, while we are NOT responsible for any medical bills, we would consider replacing the puppy only if the condition were genetic or congenital and life-threatening.

A monetary refund is also a possibility but is limited to the original purchase price of the puppy. In all cases of this nature, we would like for common sense to be the determining factor in what we ultimately do and negotiation between Byrds Hounds and the buyer should be the appropriate way to deal with this. We do reserve the right to use our discretion in all such matters.

For questions about our process and after-care responsibilities, please contact us at (704) 467-6300 or email at